Assistant to the management – the career springboard

The tasks of the management of a company are very extensive and varied. However, the workload that
can be achieved at the upper hierarchical level can not be mastered on its own, which is why managing
directors need dedicated, professionally supported support for day-to-day operations.

The assistant to the management takes on coordinative tasks, is the first point of contact in operational
matters and as an indispensable “right-hand man” ensures the necessary relief for the boss.

You also want to become assistant to the management? Here you can find jobs that might suit you.

What does “assistant management” mean?

Quite clearly, the term can not be defined. Often you also hear the term “management assistant” or
“personal speaker”. This is because there is no direct vocational training for the management assistant.
You thus have the opportunity to create from almost every industry the rise to a personal speaker.
Nevertheless, you should bring essential personal skills, so-called soft skills, for the profession. This

  • above-average commitment
  • high load capacity
  • independent work and analytical thinking
  • organizational skills
  • strong communication skills

Due to the rapid progress of globalization, companies must open up. Business connections are not just
between Munich, Hamburg or Berlin, but all over the world. Linguistic competencies are the alpha and
omega for cross-national understanding. Meanwhile, English is considered a pioneer in terms of
corporate language and language skills is becoming increasingly important.

If you want to take the professional step towards assistant management, then your requirement profile
should necessarily include foreign languages. With this language know-how, language barriers as well as
discrepancies regarding communication can be avoided from the beginning.

As an assistant you sit directly at the company’s control center. The management level must be able to
fully rely on you in all matters. Discretion, impeccable manners and a high level of loyalty to the
management are therefore a must.

Responsibilities of the management assistant
Woman talking on the desk – assistant to the management

The range of tasks to be assumed by the executive management depends on the expectations of the
management and the prevailing corporate culture. If you are interested in a job offer to assist the
management, then you will quickly find that the requirements are extremely demanding and there are
few interfaces with the daily duties of a secretary. The activity environment includes:

  • general organizational and secretarial tasks
  • Preparation and follow-up of meetings
  • Creation of analyzes
  • Creation of decision templates
  • Realization of projects
  • Support in strategic matters
  • active support of development processes
  • Organization of appointments and travel
  • Controlling projects
  • Clarification of personnel issues

As an assistant to the management, you are also in demand as a contact person for the employees of
the company and act as an intermediary. Furthermore, as a competent representation of the company
management you take care of all aspects of the current business, you are in close contact with business
partners and customers and you represent the company to the outside world. That sounds like a lot of
fun and you could imagine being a good executive assistant?

Which technical requirements are necessary?

The conditions that a company takes on the role of the assistant can be very different. Often only the
proof of a completed commercial education with up to 5 years of professional experience is required.
This circumstance is particularly beneficial for newcomers coming from other industries. Often,

however, employees of the company who have proven particularly successful will also be appointed to
this position.

But if you want to pursue the step on the career ladder, then you have an above-average chance of
studying business administration or communications science. Where you can still land as a business
economist, you can find out here.

Globally operating large corporations sometimes attach importance to a PhD. When you consider that
many of today’s top executives have embarked on their career as a boardroom assistant, you can
certainly understand why this position is in great demand.

What are the earning opportunities?

The position of assistant to the management offers you an ideal springboard for a managerial activity. If
you take the right opportunity and make yourself indispensable to running the business, then you are
unlikely to relinquish it.

The starting salary as an assistant to the management always depends on your educational background,
your degree of responsibility, the size of the company, the industry and, of course, the location. For
example, the salary scale in Stuttgart or Frankfurt can be significantly higher than, for example, in

The average gross income is between 2500 and 3000 euros per month. In addition, then bonus
payments can come. With a lot of ambition, professional and personal competence you can earn a
salary of around 4000 Euro gross per month as an experienced assistant.

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